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Quality and cheap car hire in Agadir airport, Taghazout, Tamraght, Aourir & Imi Ouaddar.

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Sahel Tours Taghazout Car Hire Portal cooperates with a number of local car rental firms so that we can offer you the lowest prices for any car hire in Agadir, Taghazout, Morocco.

Sahel Tours Agadir rates include:

** Included in price

Additional charges:

• A rental day is based on a 24-hour period from the beginning of the lease. If the vehicle is returned after the rental period, an additional day will be charged.

• The tenant must return the vehicle in the same condition in its delivery.

• Only the designated driver contract can take the wheel. All additional drivers (which are all the rental conditions regarding age and the validity of the permit) must be accepted and paid on arrival. (Second driver free)

• Special equipment is available on request and, if necessary, depending on availability and seasonal variations, their supply will be provided by the agency. It is no guarantee that requests for special equipment are met

• If the vehicle is returned later than the time indicated on the coupon without justification agency will charge you extra.

• You are responsible for the cost of parking fines or other penalties incurred while the vehicle is rented. The agency will charge you involved

• Damage to tires and wheels, run flat, damage, theft, looting, accessories, vandalism, mechanical damage due to misuse of the vehicle, bad shocks judged by drivers Damage occurring under the vehicle (skirts, underbody, oil pan exhaust), damage caused by the unrest and riots will be charged.


• In case of theft or fire, you should contact the police to report the incident within 24 hours, then a copy of the police report, the lease and keys to the rental vehicle . The absence of these documents involves the payment of damages by the customer. No derogation is granted in case of theft or damage caused by attempted theft.

In case of accessing:

• If you are at fault, all people are insured but the insurance does not cover damage material. In this case you must see your agency to estimate the damage and see the best way to repair or pay for the damage.

• If your opponent is at fault, you just need to submit to the agency, the accident report that you should be made between you and your opponent on the location of the accesses. agency is responsible for the rest. In this case you are leaving.

• For vehicle liability, we ask you to deposit in advance but you sign a contract as what the car is your responsibility until 'are to return.

• Personal belongings are not covered.

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